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To help anyone who is looking for specific information - we took the questions that are asked the most and answered them here.  Not everything is going to ever be on this page - and if you still have a question, please reach out to us so that we can find the information that you are looking for.

  • What are your store hours?
    Store hours have been adjusted for limited use during COVID-19 and for a shortage of staff and employees. Our hours currently are.... Monday and Tuesday's we are closed and only open by chance or by appointment Tuesday thru Sunday we are open from 10:00am to 4:00pm. We know that the shortened hours are not ideal for busy schedules. If you can not make it to the shop during our current hours please call us and setup a private shopping time. We will be more than happy to set this up for you. If you are in the area during hours that we are not normally open you can still check to see if you can shop "by chance" as we will open if we are there at the shop.
  • Where are you located?
    Our store is in the Historic Handley community and district, and we are located at 3129 Handley Drive in Fort Worth Texas. For those who do not yet know where Handley is -- it is on the far east side of Fort Worth. From the Loop 820 in Fort Worth, exiting Lancaster Avenue, and then heading east (toward the power plant) you will go about half a mile. Once you are at Handley Drive, turn left and we are the second building on the right. You can park anywhere in any of the three parking lots once you get here, and you can park there to go to the other shops in the district. Please call us direct if you need any other assistance in getting to our location.
  • What else is there to do in the area you are in?
    The Fort Worth Historic Handley district is a destination that many people don't know much about. The area has a lot of history on display with a caboose museum, community center, and many old buildings with history going back to the Civil War. The district is also home to several shops to enjoy that run from antique stores to cake bakeries, tattoo parlors - just to name a few.
  • Do you do lay-a-way sales?
    Yes, lay-a-way sales are done - but with some caveats... the dealer must approve lay-a-way sales for their items no sale items can be put on layaway you can not have other items that you didn't pay for on layaway Layaway sales are usually split into three payments. The sales tax for the sale is added into the first payment. Customers are asked to make at least one payment a month. For items that are higher in price - we will extend the terms or you can request different terms.
  • What forms of payment do you take at your store?
    We take nearly any kind of payment that is normally accepted - Cash Check (with a valid drivers license or identification) Zelle CashApp PayPal Pay By Invoice Layaway
  • I have an item I want to sell to you outright. Will you buy it from me?
    That's the most asked question -- and we probably are not going to buy your item outright. The point here is to NOT bring your item, or pictures of your item, to our store and attempt to sell them to us outright and for cash. We have a store policy that will prevent dealers and management from taking advantage buying like this. In general, we can not buy items from anyone that does not have an established dealer history with us. The only way to have your item(s) considered is to use our BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of the website and setup video meeting appointment. During that appointment a rep from the store will reach out and speak with you, view your item by images or by webcam, and make a decision on the spot as to whether to buy or not. Be advised that during this meeting, you might be asked to verify authenticity of your item, verify your identity, or verify your ownership of the item. We will not make an offer to you for your item. You will be required to give us the amount that you want for your item before the meeting starts, and our decision will be based from that amount. The decision of the store rep is final and absolute for that item - not for the Seller. The offer to buy your item is conditional upon personal inspection of the item, documentation, and on the approval of the store manager.
  • Do you accept items for consignment to sell from individuals?
    In general, we do not normally accept consignment sales from individuals. It is not that you don't have beautiful items to sell on consignment. It is more the cost of doing business getting in the way of being fair to you. By placing an item on consignment, you agree to allow us 35-40% of the end sale price - that is to pay us for the cost of selling your item. That is after any discounts, sales, and prior authorizations you give to sell the item. With the personal value of many of our customer's antiques and collectibles, after all of the calculations are done -- the amount given to the owner of the consigned item is too small for us to feel good about. In situations where it is feasible to make our customer happy, our dealer happy, and to cover the expenses of the sell -- we would be happy to consider taking your item on consignment. To start this process, you would make an appointment with the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of any webpage on our website. At the video appointment, we will go over the possibility of taking the item on consignment and what the terms of the contract would be. If you agree, we would have the contract ready for your review and signature in a few short hours, and would arrange for pickup or delivery of the item. Please keep in mind that if you want to sell your item on consignment, you will be allowing us to take 35-45% of the final sale (after any discounts, etc) before giving you the proceeds of the sale. Also, both the store and the seller are bound by specific terms of the contract as to the amount of time the store has to sell the item, price and discount schedule of the item, etc. These contract specifications can not be undone without expense. If you have any questions concerning our consignment sales program, please don't hesitate to live chat, email, or call us at our store anytime during normal business hours.
  • How do I become a dealer at your location?
    We apologize, but because of major safety considerations, such as COVID-19, we are not looking for new dealers at our location. This is because we need the ability to change store policy as events and laws change - such as creating shorter business hours or limiting the amount of people in the store. These issues cause dealer sales to go down because of store action, which can affect Dealer Rental Agreements. However, when the events allow us to do so - we already have in motion a plan to begin leasing space to new dealers under a new and lower cost dealer rent model. We will be lowering the cost to be a dealer at our location by not charging any kind of normal booth rent. We will have one booth size for all dealers not grandfathered in on this policy, and there would be no flat-fee monthly rent for that booth. We would only charge you a "per-item" fee that would be given to you for at least six months at a time. Under this program, we would reserve the right to not rent to any dealer that we feel does not meet our inventory criteria. Rental agreements would be on a month to month basis only. If you are are interested in renting space from us under this new policy, please send us an email telling us about your experience as a dealer (although you won't be disqualified if you don't have previous experience), the inventory that you will be selling, and any other information you feel would help us better evaluate the possibility of adding you to our dealer list. Please look at our blog entries about becoming a dealer in general as well as being a dealer at our specific location. There are a lot of really positive things that we offer and being a dealer is a great way to become part of a great community. This is especially important for new dealers. After reading those entries, if you have any further questions about being a dealer here at our location, you can always reach out to our store management or store owner, as they would enjoy being able to answer those questions and being able to talk with you.
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